It´s All Happening is boutique PR agency servicing the music industry. We are based in The Netherlands, working with clients worldwide.


It´s All Happening was founded in 2003 and has worked with 100+ bands and artists from all over the world, including: Sivert Høyem (ex Madrugada), Neon Trees, Secret Rendezvous, New York Dolls, Infadels, (hed) P.E., Marillion, The Gathering, Backyard Babies, The Blue Van, The BossHoss, iO (ex Guano Apes), Letz Zep, Mike Posner, Electric Eel Shock, Finn Silver, Jazzanova and Minny Pops.


It’s All Happening offers the following services:

  • press coverage in the Benelux
  • tour publicity
  • biography and press release writing
  • social media marketing
  • coaching
  • consultancy music industry


It’s All Happening was founded by Jessica de Wal (1979). She has a lifelong passion for music and bands and has been working in the music and entertainment industry for 19 years.

Jessica : “As a child I taped my own radio shows with friends and I made magazines about my favorite artists . My first job was at a  record store. While working at the store, I saw the impact of marketing on the (sales) success of artists. This inspired me to study marketing and communications .  I used the things I learned in college to help out my friends in the music industry with the PR for their bands . I also did a lot of volunteering at various music festivals. This way I was able to built a large network in the music industry  at an early age.

Throughout my early twenties I had various jobs at a big magazine publisher. In 2007 I decided to take the plunge and dedicate myself full time to my own PR company. This turned about to be a very good choice, as for the past eight years I have been able to combine my passion for PR , my love for music and my knowledge of the entertainment industry in my daily work . It’s All Happening ! ”





“Good job and  some impressive press results.” ~ Gerry Ranson – Mule Freedom PR


What promotion work really looks like

“We want to thank It’s All Happening for their work. We will show it to the major record company we work with, so they can see what promotion work really looks like ;-)” ~ Andreas Jantsch – Las Vegas Records


Really smoothly

“It was really great working with It’s All Happening. They put a lot of time and effort into the project. Everything went really smoothly unlike what we are sometimes used to.” ~ Monophona


Respectful, responsive, charming and a total professional

Forty-five years in the music industry has afforded me the opportunity to work with countless professionals both here in the United States and throughout the world as well. Jessica has always conducted herself at the very highest level.  She has been respectful, responsive, charming and a total professional.  She is a true expert when it comes to knowing the Benelux music territory and excels in the Public Relations aspect of the music industry. She has demonstrated a strong work ethic and great care for details.  Jessica has a loyal dedication to the artists she has been commissioned to represent and very much complements their efforts to be successful in the Benelux market.  It’s this willingness to work hard for her artists, with great care and enthusiasm, which has endeared her to all who have had the privilege to work with her.  Lorito Management, Inc. and Neutrino Records, Inc. are proud to consider Jessica an honored member of our music business family. ~ Phil Lorito – Lorito Management, Inc. and Neutrino Records, Inc.


Excellent network

“I have known Jessica for almost five years and had the pleasure of working together with her on several projects. Jessica is a solid partner, she has an excellent network and above all is a wonderful person.” ~ Martin Philips – Amsterdam Music Promoters


Good results for our first project

“I have been very impressed with It’s All Happening. Jessica has been brilliant and got some good results for our first project in the Benelux region. I would love to use It’s All Happening again.” ~ Andy Fleet


Her enthusiasm is contagious

“Various of the artists I work for, hired Jessica for the promotion of their album (and shows) in the Netherlands. She does a great job, gets good results, and communicates in an open way with the artists. It’s a pleasure to work with her, to have her on the phone, and to meet her. Her enthusiasm is contagious!” ~ Hilde Spille – Paperclip Agency


Creative thinkers and planners

“Jessica and It’s All Happening are the best! She has got us so much great press in the Benelux area. Whats best about It’s All Happening is they hit the right markets for your stuff, they have a great positive vibe, and are such creative thinkers and planners! Anything they take on, they do it with mucho gusto!! We are especially happy with Jessica’s lovely little gift of stroop-waffles, only problem was our mates from Peter Pan Speedrock ate them all! But, like always, she is willing to solve any problem we have, even our stroop-waffle void! WE LOVE IT’S ALL HAPPENING!!“ ~ Amber and Clinno – BugGiRL


Hands on, efficient, transparent and reliable

“It’s a real pleasure working with Jessica de Wal at It’s All Happening. Hands on, efficient, transparent and reliable. Committed to the artists that she works for. Jessica does her work professionally, but also delivers that little bit extra.” ~ Rob Berends – Paperclip Agency


A fantastic job

“It’s all Happening did a fantastic job on the soft release of the first WAINES’ album called STU, we got even more feedback than expected! We’re excited to see what will get out of a full promo of the album 2011. Very nice contact and work! Thanks!” ~ Christoph Storbeck –management Waines


A great experience

“Working with It’s All Happening was a great experience. Jessica orchestrated, and produced the PR that was promised in a professional, timely manner with great follow through. Her contacts were excellent and it was definitely a positive experience. We will continue to use her and her company in the future.” ~ Vicky Fingeroot – management Paul Lamb


Fighting for the cause

“Hard working, honest, reliable and fighting for the cause!” ~ Manfred Zahringer – management The Blue Van


A great buzz around the band at press and radio

“Working with It’s All Happening on our Dutch tour was definitely a bonus for BLOOM and created a great buzz around the band at press and radio which was fantastic. Jessica is as enthusiastic and hard-working (if not more!) as any PR company we have ever dealt with previously and we will absolutely work together again in the future! It was a pleasure to do business!” ~ David Regan – management Bloom


Definitely satisfied

“We are definitely satisfied with It’s All Happening’s work. We know how difficult it can be to push a band that doesn’t have the right label behind them, so yeah, very good work indeed. We are looking forward to working with It’s All Happening the future.” ~ Behnam Farazollahi – management Lukestar


A major step forward

“Finally we managed to break the circle of dependency – i.e. the promoters are not interested in the cooperation because we do not play concerts, concert organizers do not engage us because the band does not exist in the media … We’ve waited for this moment for a long time – we had many interviews, we were taking part in the number of festivals in the Netherlands – and finally it came to the effect. We’re also happy that It’s All Happening was recommended by many people connected with the rock scene in the Netherlands. I think that is a major step forward.“ ~ Maverick – Underground Fly


We need more people like her

“Jessica is an excellent promoter, we need more people like her!” ~ Andre Keij – Appelpop


Played on national radio

“We were very pleased with what It’s All Happening did for the promotion of our cd “more ska, more guitar”. Especially since our guitar-oriented instrumental music is a bit different from what the artists the’re working for are doing in general. They even got several of our songs played on national radio: great work.” ~ Gerben Rienk Visser – Skaguitar


On a scale of 1-10, Jessica is a 15

“Not to sound like a broken record in comparison to all of the other testimonials, but Jessica went so far beyond and above our expectations with our last tour of Holland. Despite being brand spanking new to the country , Jessica managed to score us some huge appearances… Amsterdam FM, Radio 5 DeSmet and Toazted.com…the latter putting us in good company with The Mars Volta, John Mayer and Avril Lavigne… Jessica also helped us out with many of the logistical aspects of the tour, reaching out to all of our venues before our arrival…(subsequently she saved us from going to the wrong venue with the same name in a different town!)…I have a fair amount of experiences working with publicists and doing PR on my own…on a scale of 1-10, Jessica is a 15!!!” ~ Collette McLafferty – edibleRed


Reviewed in nearly every rock magazine

“It’s All Happening set up a promotion campaign for the Spinshots, when we delivered our second release. On the contrary of the first release, we saw our CD reviewed in nearly every rock magazine Holland has to offer. Besides that, Jessica of It’s All Happening arranged for us an acoustic gig on the Dutch national radio station Kink FM, which for sure would not have been happening without her. Our CD was played on the station as well. This way, our music was heard overnight by 15000 people. So yeah, Spinshots say: It’s All Happening is a lot of value for your money!” ~ Martin Draax – The Spinshots


Very dedicated, sincere and professional

“Working with Jessica was a real pleasure. She’s very dedicated, sincere and professional in her approach to her work and that shows also in the results she achieves. She more than fulfilled our expectations and brought us a tremendous amount of media attention after the release of our debut album. We are looking foward to working with Jessica in the future again so don’t keep her too busy !” ~ John Carrie – John Carrie and Moor Green


Getting our feet on the ground in the Dutch media

“To work with “It´s All Happening” for us means to get our feet on the ground in the Dutch media. The BossHoss started as a quite unknown band in the Netherlands and now they are ready for take off! We are looking forward to make the “yeehaw” thing big in 2008! The next album “Stallion Battalion” will be released and we are happy to say: It´s All Happening!” ~ Patrick Wiechert – Management The BossHoss


Exceeded the expectations

“It is not every day that PR companies exceed the expectations they give you but Jessica de Wal and It’s all Happening certainly did this on a recent campaign to promote Electric Eel Shock in Holland. We will definitely be working with them again and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.” ~ James Hay – Management Electric Eel Shock


Friendly cooperative and proactive company

“It’s All Happening did the promotion for a our artist Letz Zep at The Melkweg Amsterdam. It was a great pleasure to work with a thoroughly professional and helpful company that came up with creative and innovative ideas. Not only did they raise our audience attendance at The Melkweg by at least a third, they also raised the profile of the band throughout the entire country. It’s All Happening delivered all it promised, and then some! Many thanks for a fantastic job, very well done, by friendly cooperative and proactive company. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” ~ Billy Kulke – SKA Music ltd.


Very knowledgeable about the music business

“Jessica of it’s All Happening has a great feel and affinity with bands and artists she represents. Moreover, she is very knowledgeable about the music business and knows just what a particular promotion project needs. I am very happy with the results of the joint projects we did and I can only highly recommend It’s All Happening.” ~ Yigal Roos – FRTRSS


Extremely professional and knowledgeable

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Jessica on a number of occasions and found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and just downright good at what she does. Her flair and enthusiasm for PR is evident in her passion for the job, and she never fails to amaze me with her commitment to the task at hand.” ~ Wayne Charlton – Photographer


Passion for music

“Very nice Dutch lady with passion for music, new artists and bands. Good job doing pr and promo in Holland.” ~ Luc Waegeman – Kinky Star Records